Linux Device Driver Service

Hardware sellers often only supply device drivers for the most common operating systems, i.e. MS-DOS, Windows 95 en NT. However, especially in industrial environments the applications can make heavy demands on the operating system. Then Linux, a rock-solid UNIX operating system, might be the right choice for you.

As a hardware seller you might be getting more and more requests for Linux support. If you don't have the expertise in-house or don't have the capacity to develop the device driver yourself, we can also help out.

To allow you to actually use a PC based system and add-on hardware, BitWizard, having extensive experience in this area, can make the required device drivers for the cards you selected. We will do some research and then make you a fixed-price offer. In general, the driver will be ready within a week or two after we received the hardware and the documentation.

Many DOS and Windows device drivers that you get with a card are "black boxes". We help opening these up. You have the source code to the operating system, and you will get the source code to the device driver you purchase. Together these allow you to always track possible problems and resolve them. We will support you while you are developping your applications. We can even support your complete Linux system.


  • Industrial control
  • Linux drivers to ship with hardware by manufacturer

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