Network Services

BitWizard B.V. offers a variety of network services:

TCP/IP Networking and Networking Infrastructure

Most late network applications, typically Internet and intranet systems, require TCP/IP based networks. Furthermore, these TCP/IP networks are often connected to the Internet, so that this new medium can be used for communication, information, and marketing purposes. Internet, or the same technology, can even be used to interconnect your various offices in a Virtual LAN (VLAN).

We provide complete TCP/IP network solutions, using both existing and new network infrastructures. Contact us; we gladly exchange ideas without any obligations.


  • Internet connectivity

TCP/IP Network Programming

If you are in need of network programming assistance, or a ready-to-run network application, we can help out. For example, we have a skeleton that allows us to prototype any network server in almost no time at all. Furthermore, we take pride in the portability of the code we produce. This ensures that the software does not break when it has grown to thousands of lines of code, and a hardware or operating system upgrade is performed.


  • custom client-server applications

Network Infrastructure Speed-Up

Nowadays, with the increasing bandwidth demanded by New Media, and Internet and intranet applications for example, or by the ever increasing amount of network connected workstations, the standard 10 Mbps Ethernet infrastructure is often not fast enough anymore. While speeding up, of course, you want to protect your investments in infrastructure done previously.

We can pep up your network performance dramatically, while preserving almost all of your existing infrastructure. Our long-term upgrading path is based on Full Duplex, Switched, 10/100 Mbps, and Fast Ethernet technologies. Often a considerable increase can already be accompliced by just placing a different router at strategic hub points in your network.

WAN Simulator

Many distributed (client-server) applications were originally designed to operate in a Local Area Network environment. Nowadays this same software is often being deployed in a Wide Area Network. However, the longer latencies may have a serious impact on the performance of certain applications.

BitWizard can provide a WAN simulation program which enables client-server application providers to investigate their software's performance characteristics without actually setting up a WAN system.


When connecting your company network to the Internet, in general populated by nice people just like you and me, you expose yourself to the few bad guys that are out there too. To protect your computers, nowadays critical to keep you in business, a firewall is absolutely essential. In this way you will no longer be depending on the weakest security among all of your application computers, but only on the security of a dedicated firewall machine.

Together with you we can make an inventory of any security problems at your site and suggest possible solutions. We can even do the complete Internet connection trajectory.

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