BitWizard is promoting and intensively using Linux, the best and most complete UNIX system designed to run on PC hardware. The advantages of Linux over its competitors are clear:

  • At least as secure and stable as other UNIX flavors.
  • Runs on the cheap, powerful, and familiar PC platform, instead of expensive workstations.
  • Speed: Running faster than any other PC platform UNIX.
  • Completeness: Standard distributions are very easy to install. Moreover they come with a very extensive set of tools, containing almost everything you might need.
  • Sources available: Providing the ultimate flexibility and configurability, customizing can be done to any extend. Furthermore, you will never be forced by the manufacturer again to upgrade to newer versions when extending your installation.
  • Free: no-one can cut down this price :-). More important is that companies like BitWizard, since they can not make any money on the operating system itself, are completely depending on the quality of their service.
  • Faster follow-up to bug reports than any commercial UNIX flavor: Linux is developed by the Internet community. Reporting a bug results in a fix often within days.

Typical applications of Linux machines include:

  • Internet Web servers,
  • Intranet and extranet servers,
  • Mail servers (POP3, IMAP4) and exchangers (SMTP),
  • Application servers,
  • Workstations,
  • Routing and firewalling,
  • Industrial control applications.

Already a whole lot of Linux machines is being used in all sorts of businesses. A great example is the Linux system aboard Space Shuttle flight STS-83. It controls a scientific experiment and transmits measurement results and video images to earth.

If you decide to enter the Linux experience too, one of the services BitWizard could provide is to help you to keep your Linux systems up and running for a small monthly fee.

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