Linux Installations & Support

Linux Installations

In starting with Linux, most people are faced with the problem that experience is required to install the operating system, and the operating system is needed to gain this experience. We will gladly break this circle by assisting you in installing Linux and providing support.

We offer complete Linux installations. Three typical offers:

  • We send you a preconfigured hard disk. You only need someone who is qualified to install the disk in your machine, and we will make sure the system is operational by providing phone support.
  • We spend a day at your site. This allows for custom adaptions and several site specific scripts. Furthermore, the X Window System will be fully operational.
  • Or we spend about half a week at your site. This allows for full custom installation, integration with the existing infrastucture and security validation. Once the installation is completed, you are entitled to a full month of free support by phone or e-mail.
Didn't see in here what you were looking for? Contact us for other arrangements.

Linux Support

We supply Linux support in any way you want. We can simply be available for questions and send you an invoice for the hours we spend. Or we can charge you a fixed amount per month, and provide you with all the support you need. Again: are you looking for different services in this area? Just ask.

Why go with BitWizard?

BitWizard has extensive experience in UNIX systems in general and Linux in particular, allowing you to deploy UNIX systems in your organization without any headaches. We can offer you complete installations and support, even development of industrial custom device driver and controller software for Linux.

The Linux operating system is free. We therefore cannot make a dime by selling the operating system. We have to make our living from developing for it and supporting it. Obviously, doing a good job in this, is an absolute requirement for staying in business.

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