Allows powering your raspberry pi from a 12V supply. 

The DCDC converter on this board is reasonably efficient. This means that the power supply needs to be less "perfect" than what you'd need when you power the pi with a 5V power supply. 

The RPI foundation recommends a 3A power supply (or more?)  for a pi4. With this board the pi runs just fine from a 1A 12V power supply. If you want that matching power supply, let me know I can add it to the shop if you need it. 

The board has its name from two fets that are also included. 2 GPIO pins from the pi control two fets that allow you to turn on (and off) two 12V devices like a fan.  The fets can handle about 1A of current. (yes for a fan, no for a whole 3D printer). 

This board is ideal to power your "octopi" that controls your 3D printer, as  you can now power your pi from the 12V supply that the 3D printer already has. 

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RPI 2 fets

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