Privacy rules.

Everybody is getting their panties in a knot because tomorrow (this is written on may 24th 2018), the new privacy rules are coming into effect. To contribute to the mess:

We'll ask you for some information when you order. We do this to be able to ship you your order. If you want to know what we registered about you, you can go into "my account" and look it up yourself. If you can't find it, feel free to Email us and ask. 

Apparently you have the right to ask us to remove your data. We would be quite willing to do that (and we will for the shop software), but we'd get into trouble if we can't explain to our tax-man that we got money and shipped a product to "we no longer know who". So we'll keep your info on file for the tax purposes. Sorry about that. Even if they might say otherwise, I'm guessing everybody else does the same. If you are upset about this, you'll have to fight this in court, and we would like to kindly ask you to sue someone else about this issue. When guidelines about how to handle this situation start becoming known, we'll happily follow them like everybody else. 

Why does the shop ask for your phone number? Some shipping options end up asking us for your phone number.